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We will track your ancestor through the 1850 - 1930 Census, and e-mail you the results within 24 hours.  Click HERE!



To order photocopies of individual census pages, Click HERE (Incredibly easy-to-read 11" x 17" pages!)


Created in 1734 from Brunswick & Prince George Counties

Prices include shipping


U.S. Census Bureau

1810-1820 Census Book (indexed, contains both years): $20
1850 Census Book
(indexed, 148 pages): $25
scanned images of handwritten records 
soft-cover, spiral-bound
Click on year above to View Index

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1810-1820,1850 Census CD (indexed, contains all 3 years): $20
scanned images of handwritten records
Map included on CD


Don't see the year that you need? Then read on. 

S-K Publications can scan any census year for any county onto CD and can also make it available in book form. Turn-around time, once an order is confirmed: 2-3 months.

SPECIAL FEATURE: As each county/year census is completed, a copy of the scanned images will be donated in your name to the USGenWeb Archives for free, permanent on-line display.

Census Year Estimated pages
1920 200
1910 180
1900 200
1880 220
1870 260
1860 80

Individual Scanning Order
(any census year): 50 cents per page.  
See chart above for number of pages. Note: if county has less than 200 pages, MINIMUM ORDER PRICE IS $100.00.

Prices reduced 50% on scanning of selected counties onto CD.  For details, click HERE

We will charge a 50% deposit now and the balance when the CD is completed (2-3 months).  (If the pages should be more than the estimated # of pages, we will only charge for the estimated #.  If the pages should be less, we will only charge for the actual number of pages.)  Click RED BUTTON to place order.



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